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Our tale begins on Coruscant, the planet-wide metropolis that is now home to Palpatine’s new order. The center of the Republic capital, now known as the Imperial City, has been militarized and locked down. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant, now stands as the Inquisitorius, a monument of cruelty and genocide as the last Jedi are being rounded up and either turned to the Dark Side or exterminated.

Any obvious non-humans have been rounded up and confined to walled districts of city designated as Alien Protection Zones (APZ). Nearly a fourth of the planet’s population, made up of hundreds of alien species, have been crammed together in a only handful of destitute sectors around the planet to segregate them from Palpatine’s pure, human Empire. Out of sight, and out of mind, the area of the Imperial city is known to its inhabitants as the Invisible Sector, or Invisec. Life itself is a struggle behind these walls, but within this desolate place lies the last of the Order. A small band of Jedi searching for each other and banding together for strength against the evil forces that have overrun their home.

Imperial City – While the planet-wide city of Coruscant serves as the capital of the Galactic Empire, the region near the planet’s equator (known as the Imperial City) serves as the de facto capital of the entire planet. Although the term technically applies to all of Coruscant, in common usage its name refers to the general area of the planet which houses the Imperial Palace, the Senate Building, the Jedi Temple, the Republic Executive Building, and other main organs of the Republic government.

CoCo Town – The Collective Commerce District (also known as “CoCo Town”), is an upper level district full of exclusive stores, restaurants and old-style diners. Many of these establishments cater to the maintenance crews and support staff working in the upper levels, while more refined eateries served the wealthier citizens of Galactic City. It serves as a major center for commerce, serice industries, and manufacturing.

The Works – The Works was one of the Galaxy’s major manufacturing areas, where spacecraft parts, droids, and building materials were heavily produced, but as construction and industry became more efficient and cheaper outside Coruscant, the area fell into disrepair. It has gained a reputation as a hub of criminal activity and many locals stay away from it.

Inquisitorius – The Jedi Temple was the headquarters of the Jedi Order from the conclusion of the Great Sith War to the Great Jedi Purge. During that time, it was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. The Inquisitorius was an organization established around 19 BBY by Emperor Palpatine. It consisted of agents referred to as Inquisitors tasked with hunting down Jedi who managed to survive Order 66, and was at first based in the Jedi Temple.

Legislative District – With the Senate all but disbanded when Chancellor Palpatine declared his Imperial Order, the Legislative, or Senate District retains only a fraction of its once-great influence. The Senators that have been slowly brought back into the fold are merely puppet officals, patsys to carry out the emperor’s orders as he begins the organization of his Galactic Empire. The Column Commons, a partially enclosed open-air plaza near the Senate building, houses most of the HoloNet and news media corporations. The Holonet is severely policed at present, and free speech is nearly unknown.

Military District – As Emperor Palpatine began construction of his Galactic Empire, Coruscant continued the militarization which had begun at the onset of the Clone Wars. Huge stretches of the cityscape have been transformed into military staging areas, and clone troopers of the newly formed Imperial Army patrol most of the planet. A large part of the Imperial capital has been converted into military districts, including the West Champianne Landing Field, a starship docking facility located at the south western corner of the Imperial City.

Lower Residential District – A huge, dense sector of the Imperial City spanning kilometers down into the core of the city, the Lower Residential District houses apartments and homes for the vast majority of Imperial City Residents. With the quaratine of non-humans into the Alien Protection Zone, the Lower Residential District has become considerably roomiers for its inhabitants.

Upper Residential District – As one nears the Imperial Palace, residential sectors of the Imperial City become considerably more affluent. The Upper Residential District houses the wealthy elite of Coruscant, those who have managed to stave off Palpatine’s wrath as he purged from the city any Republic sympathizers among politicians and socialites. The wealthiest of these residents is the Sah’c Family, who own a great deal of the real estate in this higher-income district.

Entertainment District – The Uscru Entertainment District is the location of the Galaxies Opera House, the Outlander Club, the Snapping Septoid, the Revwien Comedy Academy Playhouse, and the Vos Gesal Hotel. The district, located near the Senate District, is alive at night, with holograms that lit up the streets. It is considered the outer layer between the jewel city and the Coruscant Underworld.

Botanical Gardens – The gardens display exotic and endangered flora within a rooftop terranium. The Carnivorous Plants section is of special note, and the Gardens themselves are often host to dignitary meetings. It is also the headquarters for the Order of the Canted Circle, one of the oldest and most exclusive social orders on Coruscant, whose members included some of the galaxy’s most powerful, influential and wealthy beings. Gaining membership was a rare privilege. During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, who was a member, the Order’s membership reflected the preferences of the New Order towards male Humans. Palpatine used the Order to collect the officials, dignitaries and officers who had proved themselves most useful.

Alien Protection Zones (APR) – AKA Invisec

North Gate – This gate is the main thoroughfare in and out of Invisec, where workers, traders and any official travellers move in and out of the zone. Always guarded, identification is essential. Waits of up to half a standard hour exist to cross during rush hours. The gate leads directly into the industrial sector, The Works, where many non-humans and illegal residents are employed.

South Gate – Blocked entrance, can be crossed only with black market documents or bribes. Guarded 24 hrs a day, there is no thoroughfare officially through this gate that leads to the commerce sector of Imperial City, Coco Town. However, for the right price the gate is always traversable, and many make their living in the commerce sector.

Sub Block West Gate – Official route to the Uscru Entertainment District, infamous for its seedy lower levels. Once in the upper regions, beyond the walls of Invisec, the district attracts a more refined clientele and is the location of the Galaxies Opera House, (a popular venue among the glitterati of Coruscant) the Outlander Club, and the Vos Gesal Hotel. The district is alive at night, with holograms that light up the streets. Vos Gesal Street is considered one of the highest crime-rate areas on Coruscant and the district generally is a known hangout of deathstick dealers.

Ethnic Boroughs – Invisec, like the other “ethnic neighborhoods” dotting the surface of Coruscant, is little more than a ghetto: a series of predefined, segregated areas for each of the major alien races who once lived in the Residential District of the city. Adorning each major borough is a grandiose statue commentorating a heroic figure of that species’ history or myth. The Empire hoped to placate non-humans, under the guise of respect for each species’ heritage. Most know better, though, and these statues serve only to remind the residents of Invisec of the Empire’s decandence and treachery.

Ryloth Cantina – A twi’lek café bar specialising in home-cooked food, especially traditional cultivated moulds, fungi, and rycrit casseroles. The bartender is an aruzan female, name of Kelann Merrak. Unlike many cantinas, female twi’lek slaves aren’t brought in here to dance – the owner is twi’lek Shulamith Rah, who prefers the use of holograms for entertainment. Shulamith uses the cantina as a cover for her main concern – running the Hidden Jedi Temple. Supplies permitting, the food is cooked by a very capable chef who once worked at the Skysitter restaurant, an exclusive venue for the rich of Coruscant. The Cantina is well-lit, and comfortable, seating about 50, but has a lower level for private meetings, dimly lit but secure.

The Gentes Tavern – A shabby drinking establishment located on the lower levels of the Sector. A frequent hideaway for traders, spacers, and bounty hunters of all stripes. The juri juice is delicious, and the jawa beer is made only from freshly-squeezed jawas. One of the reasons the bar is so popular is that there is a droid detector installed on the entrance. Before this, Imperial Sentry Droids made private discussions all but impossible. While the detector doesn’t keep the Sentry Droids out, it does warn everyone that their activities and discussions are about to come under Imperial scrutiny. This enables everyone to compose themselves and present a perfectly innocent demeanor. The Tavern also has a strict “No Droids” policy to prevent people from bringing their own droids in with them, as well as a positive attitude towards exotic dancers.

The Merchant’s Square – A covered market, selling some locally produced goods but mainly expensive imports of fresh food plus second hand or recycled items. Stalls include antiques, pet supplies, clothes, homewares, metalwork, wigs, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables.

Med Center -A small, run-down hospital. The medical centre struggles to survive with limited supplies and many patients, often without the ability to pay their way. There are just fifty beds to serve a population of tens of thousands, few staff and fewer working pieces of equipment. The place keeps going through voluntary workers helping out, the meager grant from the Imperial City budget that at least ensures the sick aliens stay within the APZ, and occasional aid from various sources.

Shuttle Dock – Accessed by the Upper West Gate of the APZ, located in an adjoining sector of Imperial City. A medium-sized operation, with ten docking rigs, two equipped for repair and overhaul. Provides travel to outer lying areas of Coruscant, or short-haul service to the main docks. 24 hour guard and customs in operation, but easily bribable, and sometimes not on duty (most likely to be found gambling out back or in nearby cantina).

The Bank – Run by the Inter Galactic Banking Clan (IGBC) from the planet Muunilinst. The IGBC welcomes Galactic credits and survives into the Imperial era, as the creditor of Imperial credits also. Imperial decrees, however, favor the human-controlled and dominated banking organizations, which limit Muun power over the Imperial economy. Sub-branch of the Main Bank in the Financial District, the investments made in the APZ are not covered by the Core regulations, and cannot be exported out of the zone. Underground dealings to avoid this are rumored.

The Hidden Temple – Constructed from the remains of an upturned starship in the Lemelisk Salvage Yard, the Hidden Temple was for a time a place of refuge to keep the spirit of the Jedi Order alive. A training facility was kept here till a strategic attack by Imperial forces and the Inquisitorius left the Temple barely more than a pile of smoking rubble.

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